"Pregnant Woman Goes To Fridge " Riddle : Solution Explained

Riddle Details:  
"A pregnant woman goes out of her room goes to the fridge, opens a can of tuna, soda, yoghurt and a cookie. What did she open first?"

This is one of the latest riddles that has become quite popular these days. Therefore, I have provided a step-by-step method to explain it for your assistance. watch the below video for a detailed analysis of the riddle.

"A Pregnant Woman Goes Out Of Her Room Goes To The Fridge" Riddle: Solution Explained

Solution: The answer to this riddle is, she opened the fridge door first. Many people are opposing and think that she opens her room’s door first, but riddle does not explicitly state that she opened her room door, riddle just states that she goes out of her room. 
By listing the food items separately, the riddle invites you to think which food you’d naturally eat first. However, first and foremost pregnant women have to open the fridge door to get some of the items and, riddle addressed that pregnant woman goes there first. 
alternatively, some people have argued that a pregnant woman opens her eyes first, which is definitely an interesting way to look into the riddle, as a woman likely blinks on her journey from the room to the fridge location. The widely accepted answer to this riddle is she opened the fridge door first. 
This Riddle can have other answers/interpretations too, do share your answer/interpretation in the comment section.

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