"I have 6 eggs" Riddle : Solution Explained

Riddle Details:  An Interesting yet confusing riddle that is revolving in the social media platform is “I have six eggs" riddle. The riddle states that... 

I have 6 eggs. I broke 2, I cooked 2 and ate 2. How many eggs do I have?

"I Have 6 Eggs" Riddle: Solution Explained

Answer : Six 

Solution Explained: 

The most popular and widely accepted answer to this riddle is six. Based on the grammar on the riddle, You would have 6 eggs left. The answer is six because of the use of Present and past tense in the riddle.

At first, the riddle states that you have 6 eggs, which is using a present clause. Riddle then goes on to state that you broke, cooked, and ate a number of eggs. Here Riddle is using a past clause. The words ‘broke’, ‘cooked’, and ‘ate’ all represent past tense, thus implying that these eggs are separate, not that which are the six eggs that you have. 

Basically, you have six eggs. You did something with some other eggs which are not part of these eggs. That's the reason you still have six eggs in hand. It's actually doesn’t matter how many eggs were broken, cooked, or ate, as this represented in the past tense. The riddle could have stated that you broke 1000 eggs, cooked 100 and ate 10, or any other possible combination, but the answer would still remain as six.

If the riddle stated ... I had 6 eggs. I broke 2, I cooked 2 and ate 2. How many eggs do I have? 
then the answer would be different.

Most People Still Believe That The Answer To This Riddle Is 0 (Zero) or 4

This riddle has many interpretations. The answer 0 (zero) is achieved by assuming that you lose 2 eggs in breaking them, you lose 2 more eggs in cooking them and a final 2 eggs in eating them. This is one of the many interpretations and This is an incorrect answer.

some people think that they have answered the riddle by assuming that the two broken eggs are the same eggs used to cook and eat. This is where the answer four comes from.

If you have come up with the answer four, then you have answered it wrong, which diverts you from the grammar with the logic of how eggs are used to broken, cooked, and eaten.

If you’re still thinking the riddle answer as four or zero, then you have answered the different riddle: which can be stated as ..... "I had 6 eggs. I broke 2, I cooked 2 and ate 2", which is a different riddle altogether. But, this answer is not acceptable to this riddle.

Thus the most accepted answer to this riddle is 6.

This Riddle can have multiple interpretations, lets everyone know your interpretation in the comment section.

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