"If a Man Steals 100 Dollars" Riddle : Solution Explained

Riddle Details : 

"A man walks into a store and steals a $100 bill from the register without the owner’s knowledge. He then buys $70 worth of goods using the $100 bill and the owner gives $30 in change. How much money did the owner lose? $30, $70, $100, $130, $170, or $200?"

This is a math riddle and it’s a tricky one. You’ll probably need to sit for a while with a pen and paper to work it out!

Solution : $100 

Solution Explained 

The riddle seems really confusing, but if you break the question down step by step, it’s really not that difficult.

the riddle starts with, The man steals $100 from the register.
  • He then gives the $100 back to the owner when he pays for the goods. now the $100 which is stolen is with the owner. at this point, the owner did not lose any money.
  • But, the owner has then lost $70 worth of goods. at this point in time owner encountered a loss of $70.
  • then The owner also loses $30 when he gives the man his change.
  • so total loss encountered by the owner is $70 worth of goods + $30 change = $100
Thus answer to the riddle is $100.
Even though the sentences used in the riddle confuse you in achieving the correct answer, but if you analyze the riddle step by step then the whole analysis becomes simple.

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  1. He didn't give back 100, he took $70 worth of merchandise and then get back 30$. So the owner lost 100+ 70 +30=200

    1. He paid for the goods totaling $70 with the $100 and got $30 in change so the store lost the $70 +$30 = $100

    2. His drawer would still be short the original 100. If he had 200 in the drawer to start... Guy walks in and takes 100. So at the start of the sale his drawer is short. Add to it the 70 in merch and 30 and change. Yes he got $100 Bill back but his till would have had 300 in it instead of the $170

    3. The owner made a profit on the sale of the $70, unless the owner sells at cost this must be deducted from his loss. The answer would be identical if he used a counterfeit bill as opposed to stealing the bill.