"30 Cows Ate 28 Chickens Riddle" : Solution Explained

Riddle Details : Here is an old riddle which have become viral again on social media platforms, that asks about 30 cows and 28 chickens. It’s one of many riddles getting more attention in the recent past. If the riddle is confusing you and if you think the riddle is not having enough information, then we have an answer and explanation in this video.

The riddle reads ... "There are 30 cows in the field, 28 chickens. How many didn’t?

"30 Cows Ate 28 Chickens Riddle" : Solution Explained

Solution : The riddle is pretty simple, but also puzzling in how it’s worded. If you really think something is missing in the riddle, the answer is No..No. The riddle does not have any words left out and riddle has all information required to solve. You might be interested to think that it’s missing something very important information, when you read it on a social media status or any post, but it’s worded perfectly correct.
Yes, this is worded correctly. Remember, this is a riddle in the traditional sense, Try to think outside the box. Also "30 Cows Ate 28" riddle worded in such a way that it confuses the readers.
The Correct Solution to "30 Cows Ate 28" Riddle is - Ten didn’t. 
The reason this riddle is so puzzling is because you have to read the question without thinking about how it’s written. Read it out loud for a moment and just “hear” the riddle carefully without “reading” it.
The precise reading of the "30 Cows Ate 28" riddle is -
“There are 30 cows in the field. Twenty ate chickens. How many didn’t”
See the trick? technically there are no 28 chickens in the field. There are 20 cows in the field (out of 30) that ate (here ate is not interpreted as number 8) the chickens.
So that means if 20 cows out of 30 cows ate chickens, then 10 cows (out of 30 cows)did not eat chickens. Thus the answer to "30 Cows Ate 28" is 10.
If someone asks the questioner: “Didn’t what?”. a good clue might be just to say, “Read the riddle out loud! loud!” Of course, that clue might give it away.
As with most riddles, "30 Cows Ate 28" riddle is a play on words. But it’s a little easier to figure out than some of the others that are circulating which requires more reasoning to solve the riddle. Plus, there are fewer alternative answers to the riddle that people can successfully argue for.
Some people who try to get really logical/technical on the riddle might say the riddle is just wrong because cows don’t eat chickens (whatever be the debate/article to say, but cows are herbivorous).
In these kinds of riddles("30 Cows Ate 28"), instead of thinking too much Logical, it is better to think, these kinds of riddles in the traditional sense.
Thus the Answer to the riddle is "Ten Didn't (widely accepted answer)"

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