If giraffe has two eyes Riddle - Solution Explained

Puzzle Details: 

If a giraffe has two eyes, a monkey has two eyes, and an elephant has two eyes, how many eyes do we have? 

The puzzle was shared over WhatsApp and other social media platforms and, it is going viral. As many people have been trying to solve the puzzle, they are wondering whether their answer is correct or not. 

Solution :

Here in this puzzle, the question that is asked is how many eyes do we have and not the total number of eyes.

hence the answer is four, As in the question, it is asked how many Eyes We have, so that means here the person who has asked the question is also including the person who is suppose to give the answer. In a clear understanding, the Conversation is happening between 2 people first who asked the question and second to whom it has been asked, which means there are four eyes.

let me repeat the solution, here in this puzzle ‘We’ refers to as the person who is asking this question and the person to whom the question is asked. Therefore, as the conversation is happening between two people the answer will be 4 eyes regardless of the Giraffe, Monkey, or Elephant.

Thus the answer to this puzzle is 4.

watch the video for detailed Solution

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