Terasa's Daughter Riddle | Solution Explained

 Riddle Details : 

“If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Teresa?”
1. Grandmother.  2. Daughter.  3. I’m Teresa.  4. Mother.  5. Granddaughter. 

Solution Explained : 

There is an easy way to work out the answer, and that method involves taking out some of the steps in the riddle. “My daughter’s mother” is a much more complicated way of saying “Me, or my female partner”

Once you’ve worked that out, now the riddle is “Teresa’s daughter is me or my partner” Alright, so there are two possibilities here.
First, ‘I’ is a male
Second, ‘I’ is a female

If we take the first case into consideration,
Teresa’s daughter= My daughter’s mother.
Or, Teresa’s daughter=My wife
Hence, ‘I’ here is Teresa’s Son-in-law.

Now if we take the second case into consideration,
Teresa’s daughter = My daughter’s mother
Teresa’s daughter = Me (Because definitely if am a female then I AM MY DAUGHTER’S MOM !)

Hence, ‘I’ here is Teresa’s Daughter.
So we got two answers here i.e,
  • I= Son-in-law (when ‘I’ is a male)
  • I= Daughter (when ‘I’ is a female)
Therefore, you are either Teresa’s daughter or son-in-law, and since son-in-law isn’t an option, you are Teresa's daughter.

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