Missing Pound Riddle || Solution Explained

In this riddle, a mathematical problem is given where people need to find the answer with the help of the clues given. In this latest math puzzle, the clues given seem very easy at first sight, but they are tricky in the way they are written. People get confused and end up giving the wrong answer.

The riddle goes as follows:

You see a shirt for £97, you can’t afford it so u borrow £50 from your mum and £50 from your dad which equals £100. You buy the shirt and get £3 change so you give your dad £1 and your mum £1 back and you keep the other dollar. So now you owe your mum £49 and dad £49, 49+49 =98 + £1(Your) =99. Where’s the missing £1?


There isn’t a missing dollar. We’re led to believe that there’s a missing dollar by the question but the question itself is offering up a mathematically impossible puzzle.

As per the clues given in the riddle, you took £50 from your mum & £50 from your dad. So the sum of the money is equivalent to £ 100. (£50 + £50 = £100)

After that, in the next clue given, you buy the shirt worth £97 and you get back £3 change.
Hence, £97 + £3 = £100

Next, you give £1 to your mum, £1 to your dad and you keep £1 with yourself. So now this makes £97 for shirt + £1 with your mum + £1 dollar with your dad+ £1 with you = which equals £100

The trick is in the line "You now owe mum £49, dad £49 so £49+£49 = £98 & your £1 makes £99". The £1 you have cannot be added to the debt as it is part of the debt already. Your debt thus remains at £98 dollars as you have already given £2 to your parents.

Therefore, after giving £1 to mum, and £1 to dad, the missing £1 is with yourself.

Thus, The problem lies with the phrase "plus the 1.00" in the last but one sentence. Why are you adding the 1.00 to the money that you still owe your mother and father? Of the money you owe them, that is the 1.00 that you don't have to worry about. It's the other 97 that you have to worry about: you should be subtracting the 1.00 from the 98.

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