Mr and Mrs Mustard Have Six Daughters Riddle : Solution Explained

The latest riddle to take over social media sites is the Mr and Mrs mustard dilemma. Even though the riddle looks very simple, it can lead to multiple interpretations.

Riddle Reads - Mr and Mrs Mustard have 6 daughters and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the Mustard family?

Solution : 

The Mustard Family riddle is all about the number of members in the Mustard Family. According to the riddle, they have six daughters which makes the total count to eight people including Mr and Mrs Mustard. Then the riddle says each daughter has one brother. Therefore since they are siblings, they all share the same brother meaning they only have one brother. 

Therefore the total count of people in the Mustard family goes to nine as there are six girls, one boy and Mr and Mrs Mustard.

This riddle can have multiple interpretations, let me explain one such interpretation. The confusion around the riddle is that it is not a test of maths. Many people assume that all four of the daughters have different brothers, and therefore multiply 6×2 to get the answer, which results in 14 which consists of 12 children and mr and mrs mustard.

However, this is not specified in the riddle. If read to grammatical perfection, the riddle correctly reads that all of the sisters have a brother, meaning all six sisters share the same one brother.

The most widely accepted answer to the riddle is 9. Total number of people in mustard family is 9. 

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