Which glass has more water? || Solution Explained

Sometimes the answer to a simple riddle might not be so obvious and might take more time to think through. But this is how you can improve logical thinking, attention, and creativity. While solving these, you need to analyze a little differently and out of the box for coming to the solution. You need to use a creative mind as the answer won't be right in front of you. 

In this image, you have to identify which glass has more water among the four glasses. An alert mind can solve this puzzle within 30 seconds. You need to analyze every glass option carefully shown in the image. Before concluding the answer, give it a try.


In this brain puzzle, the weight of the objects placed inside the water glasses will help you in coming up with an answer 

  • Option A The water glass has Scissor.
  • Option B has a paperclip.
  • Option C has a sharpener.
  • Option D has a spoon inside the glass.

Also, if you look at the image carefully all the glass has the same water level with the objects placed inside it.

So in this case, the glasses, which have the lightest object inside them, will have more water.

Among the four glasses, the lightest and smallest object is the paperclip. So the logic is the glass with more water is the one that has the object with less mass.

So the answer to the riddle is Option B, the water glass that has a paperclip inside. It has more water than the glass, which has scissor, a sharpener, and a spoon put inside them.

Using lateral thinking will help you to derive answers in such brain teasers. This riddle was tricky but simple as it needs less time and brainpower to solve. You know, it sure feels great when you figure out the answer in a few seconds.

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