You Have a Five-Litre jug and a Nine-Litre Jug - Frequently asked Interview Puzzle

Riddles are questions that an interviewer asks to encourage a candidate to find a solution creatively to the problem. It helps an interviewer assess the ability of a candidate to apply logical thinking. Here is a commonly asked interview puzzle. 

Puzzle Details

You have a five-litre jug and a nine-litre jug. Your mother asks you to use these two jugs to measure one litre of orange juice. How would you do it?

  • To start with, first, fill the five-litre jug and then pour all the orange juice into the nine-litre jug.
  • This would leave with four-litre of space in the larger jug and 5 liter jug is empty.
  • Next, refill the five-litre jug and fill up the remaining portion of the nine-litre jug. As we know already that the space remaining in 9 liters jug was 4 liters, hence you have transferred 4 liters of orange juice from 5 liters jug and 1 liter of orange juice is still in 5 liters jug.
  • This way, we will have one-litre orange juice left in the five-litre jug, which was asked in the puzzle.

There can be other ways in which you can achieve the solution, but this is the most optimal solution.

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