8 Balls Problem

Interview puzzles are a type of brainteaser often used by employers during job interviews to assess a candidate's problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning abilities. These puzzles typically involve solving a challenging mathematical or logical problem or finding a pattern in a set of information. They are designed to test a candidate's ability to think creatively and outside the box, and to provide insight into how they approach complex challenges. here is a puzzle that is commonly asked in Interviews.

Puzzle Details - You have 8 balls. One of them is defective and weighs less than the others. You have a balance to measure balls against each other. In 2 weighing, how do you find the defective one?


Case 1. First, put aside 2 balls. From the remaining 6, put 3-3 on each side. If they weigh unequal, select the side which weighs less. Remove 1 ball from that. Put 1-1 on each side. If they weigh equally, the one in your hand is the defective ball. Otherwise, the side which weighs less has a defective ball. 
Case 2. If 3-3 balls weigh equal, take another two balls and put 1-1 on each side. Whichever weighs less, is the defective ball.
Watch the below video for detailed Information.

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