Matchstick Butterfly Puzzle - Move 2 matchsticks to form the 3 Triangles || Matchstick Puzzle

Puzzles with matches are one of the most ancient types of logic exercises for both children and adults. The sense of these tasks is that you need to move one or more matches until a given condition is true. 

The main feature of match puzzles is that the answer is usually not obvious. Moreover, sometimes at first glance, it seems that it is impossible to get the answer at all. You usually need at least a few minutes to think or even try to solve the task. Such exercises are surely useful for “pumping” logic and spatial thinking.

Here is one for you that will definitely get your brain in gear.

In The Image Given Below .... Move 2 matchsticks to form the 3 Triangles 


In this Brain teaser, the matchsticks are placed to form a Butterfly. All we have to do is to Move 2 matchsticks to form the 3 Triangles. we can achieve the solution like the images shown below.

select the matches for moving as shown here.

Final Result

Watch the below video for the Detailed solution

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