Matchstick Puzzles - Which maximum three digit number can you form by Adding exactly 3 Matches?

Matchstick puzzles are a type of brain teaser that involves manipulating a set of matchsticks to achieve a specific end goal. These puzzles typically involve moving or rearranging the matchsticks to form a specific shape or number, or to create mathematical equations. They are often used as a tool for developing problem-solving and logical thinking skills. They can be challenging, but can also be very satisfying to solve.

In the given image below, the number 503 is formed using several matchsticks. The question here is, Which maximum three-digit number can you form by Adding exactly 3 Matches?


In this Brain teaser, the matchsticks are placed to form the number 503. All we have to do is to find the maximum three-digit number possible by Adding exactly 3 Matches.

Below Images explains the solution

Watch the below video for the solution

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