132, 129, 124, 117, 106, 93, X ? || What Is The Value Of X ?

Sequence puzzles are brainteasers that use sequences in any set of numbers to create patterns. These patterns can sometimes be quite easily spotted, or they may be very hard to figure out and, thus, require extra time to deduce. 

Here is an interesting math sequence puzzle, which is tricky. spend some time before checking the Answer. 99% of the people who are answering this question in the exam will answer it wrong. Can you solve this sequence number puzzle, what replaces the question mark in the below sequence?

132, 129, 124, 117, 106, 93,  ?

Even though this sequence looks like a simple one, there are high chances of getting it wrong. 99% of the people who are answering this question in the exam will answer it wrong, I will explain why.

As soon as we see this kind of sequence, the first step to solving the sequence is by doing the difference between the numbers.

Let's check the difference between the 1st  and 2nd number, 2nd, and 3rd numbers, and so on.
  • Here, the first number Is 132 and the second number is 129 and their difference is 3
  • Then 2nd and 3rd number, their difference is 5
  • Then 3rd and 4th number their difference is 7

If we stop here since differences look like an arithmetic progression and conclude the answer based on these results, then you are doing a mistake.

Because, if we consider the next 2 numbers 117 and 106 their difference is 11 and not 9.

And the difference of subsequent numbers is 13 . be careful while solving these kinds of problems.

So if we observe carefully, The series is reduced by 3, 5, 7, 11, and 13. What is so special about these numbers, these are nothing but prime numbers.

To conclude The series is reduced by prime numbers starting with 3. What is the next prime number after 13, it is 17. Just subtract the last number of the sequence that is 93 from 17, this results in 76.

76 is the Answer

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