An elderly couple went on a picnic || Interesting Riddle || Solution Explained

Keeping our brain sharp and improving our mental skills are 2 very important things for all humans as they grow older. riddles are one of the best and most popular ways to achieve that. They are also a nice way to relax from everyday difficulties. Here is an interesting and popular riddle that is designed in similar lines.


This is a popular word riddle that is trending on social media, this riddle is trending on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I have explained 2 different ways to approach this riddle one is viewed from a riddle perspective and the other view is viewed as a math problem.

Riddle simply states that

An elderly couple went on a picnic. They have five sons, and each son has three children. In total how many people went on a picnic?


This riddle is not a test of Mathematics. This is more of a logical puzzle and many people have ended up giving the wrong answers, because of the confusion in the way the puzzle is worded.

In this riddle, there is some information provided and ultimately our task is to find the total number of people who went on a picnic.

This is a question that checks your ability to focus on the problem rather than the solution.

We tend to ignore the real problem in our speed to answer it.

In this question, the first line is the key. The elderly couple who has 5 sons went for a picnic. This means Two people who are an elderly couple went for a picnic and that is the right answer. We don’t even have to look at the rest of the problem statement for the solution.

Be focused on the problem while answering the questions. This is how we have to approach this problem from the riddle perspective.


one more similar problem can be viewed as a math problem, and if the problem is asked in competitive exams the following approach must be followed.

Problem states that

A couple went for a picnic. They have 5 sons and each son has three sisters. Each sister has one baby. In total how many people went for the picnic?

In the given question we can see that it is a kind of word problem where we are given various conditions and we need to tell the total number of people who went to the picnic. In the question we are given relations between couples and their children and also include children of children.

Complete step-by-step answer:

  • According to the given question, we know that the couple went to the picnic and they have five sons, and since each son has three sisters that means that they also have three daughters.
  • Now, we have taken three daughters because we are given that each son has three sisters and the sisters are the same for all five sons.
  • Also, we are given that each sister has one baby this implies that we have no. of babies as three.  Now, we are completed with the relations and number of people who went to the picnic. 

In order to get the number let's sum all:

  • 2 couples
  • The number of sons = 5
  • The number of daughters = 3 (Three daughters because each son has the same 3 sisters)
  • Number of babies = 3

Therefore, the total number of people who went to the picnic is 13.

In the given question, a very common mistake is that we don’t read the relations carefully and then the terms or words used creates confusion and lead to wrong answers. Also, sometimes such questions are easy so we don’t need to make them complicated during the calculations.

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