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Here is an interesting math riddle for you, there are 5 squares in each picture and the number in the center square is obtained with certain logic and it is formed using the surrounding numbers inside the square, here our task is to find the missing number in the last figure.

This kind of problem requires good observation to get into the correct solution. Give it a try to before checking the solution. Share your findings in the comment section.


For convenient sake lets name numbers associated in the outer square as A B C D and the number in the inner square is E

Number E is obtained by using the logic (A+B)-(C-D)

Let's check that this logic holds correct –

In the first figure

A=8 B=6 C=3 D=1 according to the logic expression becomes (8+6)-(3-1) = 14-2 = 12

In the second figure

A=5 B=3 C=9 D=4 according to the logic expression becomes (5+3)-(9-4) = 8-5 = 3

In the last figure

A=7 B=5 C=6 D=3 according to the logic expression becomes (7+5)-(6-3) = 12-3 = 9

Thus answer to this math riddle is 9

Though this riddle looks simple, don’t come to the conclusion immediately, think for a while and observe carefully and think logically before arriving at the solution.

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