3 Glass and 10 Coins || Interview Puzzle

Interview logical puzzles are a type of problem or challenge that is designed to test a person's critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. These puzzles are commonly used in job interviews for positions that require analytical and problem-solving abilities, such as software development, data analysis, and management roles. 

Puzzle Details: Suppose we have 3 glasses and 10 coins. The problem is to place an odd number of coins in each glass i.e. each glass should contain coins and the number of coins in each glass must be odd and the total number of coins which will be used must be equal to 10.

Solution: It is not possible to use all 10 coins with each glass having an odd number of coins. 

This is because if we add the odd number of coins an odd number of times then the result is always odd but not even. Here there are 10 coins that are even and that is the challenge here, there are even number of coins but a number of glasses is odd. 

Therefore, we must think outside the box. let us solve it now. In the first step - In the 1st glass place 5 coins which is odd, after that in the 2nd step in the second glass place 2 coins, and in the third step in the third glass place 3 coins which is odd. 

Now is the most important step, after 3rd step glass 1 has 5 coins glass 2 has 2 coins and glass 3 has 3 coins, now place the entire 3rd glass inside the 2nd glass. by doing this we are making sure that 2nd glass has 5  coins. hence Indirectly, now 2nd glass contains 5 coins which are odd in nature.

Watch the Video for a Detailed Explanation.

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  1. A classic puzzle, amazing explanation, useful video. Thanks for making this. :)