Water and jugs puzzle - 3 and 5 Litres Interview Puzzle

Interview logical puzzles are a type of problem or challenge that is designed to test a person's critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. These puzzles are commonly used in job interviews for positions that require analytical and problem-solving abilities, such as software development, data analysis, and management roles.

Puzzle Details: Having an infinite supply of water and two containers, one for 3 liters and one for 5 liters, how would you measure 4 liters?


Step 1: Fill the 5-liter Container. Then fill the 3-liter Container with the 5-liter Container. You will now have 2 liters left in the 5-liter Container.

Step 2: Empty the 3-liter Container, and then transfer the 2 liters from 5-liter Container into it.

Step 3: Now fill the 5-liter Container again, then pour water carefully from the 5-liter Container into the 3-liter container until it is full - exactly one more liter.

The 5-liter Container now has exactly 4 liters.

Watch the Below Video For a Detailed Solution

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