9 Dogs Puzzle - Popular Viral Puzzle

There are numerous games, challenges, and puzzles have been surfacing online. In no time, they have become viral as people are seeking various means to spend their time and connect with near and dear ones. Here is one such riddle which is viral on the internet.

Puzzle Details: As shown in the image, there are 9 dogs within a fence. By constructing just two more square fences can you make sure that each dog is in isolation?


It might seem tricky at first, but there’s a very simple way of working out the real answer! To solve this riddle one just needs to draw a diagonal square and a straight square inside it. first, draw a straight square, then draw a diagonal square, as we can see now, By constructing just two square fences each dog is in isolation. This is one of the most interesting riddles, which requires out-of-the-box thinking to achieve the correct solution.

Check the below video for a detailed Explanation

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