Move One Glass Only Puzzle || Logical Interview Puzzle

Interview logical puzzles are a type of problem or challenge that is designed to test a person's critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. These puzzles are commonly used in job interviews for positions that require analytical and problem-solving abilities, such as software development, data analysis, and management roles.

In this visual brain teaser, you can see three glasses on the left that are full, and three on the right that are empty. you can only move one glass to make a row of alternately full and empty glasses. Which one do you move to?


This is an interesting brain teaser, that requires out of box thinking. for convenience's sake let's name the glasses A , B , C , D , E , F.

A , B , C , D , E , F are six glasses. A, B, and C are full and D, E, and F are empty. They are placed in a row. the important point here is, in the brain teaser it is mentioned that you can only move one glass but there are no rules mentioned on the restrictions on operations that can be performed on that glass.

so what we can do is, We have to move the full glass B and pore the total juice of it from glass B to glass E, then put the empty glass B in its own position. after performing this activity, B glass is empty and E Glass is full.

Now the row will be like this

A– full, B–empty, C–full, D–empty, E–full, F– empty

Thus by moving only one glass we can make a row of alternately full and empty glasses. do comment with your answer below if you think there are other ways to achieve the solution. 

Watch The Below Video For a Detailed Explanation

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